American Airlines Cannot be Trusted. What About You?

Let’s say you need to book a last-minute flight.

Given the news over the past few weeks, you’d probably cross American Airlines off your list in a hurry.

That’s because the company has been anything but dependable lately.

First, it was seats coming loose in mid-air. Then, a contract dispute with AA pilots has led to constant delays and cancellations.

From CNNMoney: “If someone has to be somewhere for a meeting, there’s no way I can take a chance and book American,” said Zalmi Duchman, CEO of, a daily meal delivery service.

Exactly. Right now, American Airlines cannot be trusted to get you from Point A to Point B on time.

So what can the struggling airline teach us about our own jobs? Plenty.

If you want to be a go-to-guy (or gal) in the office, people need to be able to count on you.

These tips should keep you on schedule:

1. Over-communicate

If you’re working on a project with co-workers or clients, people just want to be kept in the loop on your status. Quick updates over email or Gchat give others peace of mind and make you look uber responsible. And don’t think you’re being annoying; project updates are always appreciated.

2. Show Up Early

Want to impress the higher-ups? Arrive early to meetings and events. Just ten minutes ahead, that’s all. Being prompt means you’re serious about the job and ensures you never walk in late.

3. Grin and Bear It

Sometimes work sucks, and you get stuck with a task you absolutely hate. Doesn’t matter. Every job has annoying moments, but management needs to see you handle everything in stride. Earn your stripes with the grunt work, and the boss will have you in mind when the fun stuff rolls around.

4. Keep Mistakes to a Minimum

There’s no way to become dependable if you constantly mess up. Triple-check your work, always know where you need to be and when, and don’t wait to be given orders. Instead, ask what you can do.

5. Work Fast

The boss asks you for something. So…do it. Don’t put the job off for several hours or days. As best you can, get the work back to your superior as speedily as possible. Then, you become known for doing the job well and quickly. Double-threat.

American Airlines is incredibly unreliable. On any given flight, you just don’t know what you’re going to get.

At your job, the goal is to be consistent and deliver the same results each day.

People will notice. Your responsibilities will grow.

And no one will ever wonder if you’ll be on time.

Any other advice for becoming Mr. (or Mrs.) Dependable? Share below!


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