US Olympians Can Have Tattoos. Why Can’t I?

Forget about gold, silver and bronze.

This week the NYT reports that many US athletes already got what they wanted well before boarding the plane for London: a tattoo of the five Olympic rings.

If US Olympians, the nation’s most sculpted, impeccable citizens, can ink their own bodies, do we have the green light to show off our body art too?

Today’s ‘News To Live By’: tattoo rules in the workplace.

Tattoos hold a unique place in American society. They are in some ways the ultimate form of self-expression yet remain largely unwelcome in the business world. Less formal offices might not mind if you don a tattoo or two, but will white-collar, corporate environments ever come around?

Essentially, where is the the dividing line between acceptable and off limits?

Many young adults consider tattoos de rigueur at this point, and it’s not surprising to find a twenty-something with a tattoo that even a tailored suit or well-placed dress can’t hide.

Moving forward, will tattoos — even those patriotic ones with five interlocking rings — remain a distraction? Or will they blend into the scenery as just another office accessory?

What’s your take? ¬†And if you have tattoos, do you feel the need to cover up on the job?

Comment below, and let us know!


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