The ONLY Reason You Should Care About Lindsay Lohan’s Recent Arrest

By Danny Rubin

Managing Editor, News To Live By

Here we go again.

On Thursday, police arrested Lindsay Lohan for reportedly hitting a woman during an argument outside an NYC nightclub.

Arrested for slapping someone? Please.

Everyone knows Lohan’s real crime this week is her performance as Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie ‘Liz and Dick.’ Really, her acting — and the entire film — are shockingly bad.

Before you roll your eyes at the starlet’s latest brush with the law, consider this:

The Lohan nonsense is actually doing everyone a big favor.

Lindsay Lohan pays lawyers big bucks to constantly review her personal records. When’s the last time you looked at your own?

There are two important files you can track down right at your desk. No legal counsel necessary.

1. Driving history

2. Credit report


Driving History

No, you probably never hit a person while behind the wheel (like Lindsay allegedly did in September), but we all have a few marks on our record. A couple speeding tickets, maybe expired tags or even unpaid parking violations.

Each state differs, but the DMV should allow you to go online and request your driving or vehicle record. Note: there may be a fee.

Here are the Web sites for a few states: Virginia, Maryland, New York, FloridaNew Jersey and California. If I left you out, just google your state and then ‘DMV driving record.’ That should get you to the right place.

An added reason to check your driving history at least once: what if police mistakenly put someone else’s infractions on your record? It’s happened before.


Credit Report

Everyone puts stress on their credit from time to time but few do it quite like Lindsay. There was a $200,000 bail in 2010, $100,000 bail in 2011, a stolen necklace in 2012 and…

Well, you get the idea. The years have taken their toll on the actress’ credit.

What’s up with yours? Have you looked at it lately?

The best way to check: obtain separate reports from all three credit agencies (EquifaxExperian and Transunion). It’s a little more effort than, but it will ensure your scores are accurate because they’re coming straight from the source.

See? An entire article on Lindsay Lohan that didn’t make you want to throw up.

That’s no easy task.

Did you see ‘Liz and Dick’ and actually sit through the entire thing? Or did you turn it off after 15 minutes?

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