2 Billion People Watched the 12-12-12 Concert But Probably Not Like This

Two billion.

That’s how many people were expected to watch the historic 12-12-12 concert in NYC on Wednesday.

Bon Jovi, Clapton, Springsteen, Kanye, Alicia Keys, Billy Joel…all the stars packed into Madison Square Garden to play their hits and raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Hidden among the epic solos and jam sessions were three critical job tips.

Didn’t see them? Here they are again.

1. Over-communicate

You tell ‘em, Mick!

Throughout the night, concert producers did a terrific job reminding us how to donate. They made sure we had all the necessary details, left nothing to chance and, frankly, did most of the thinking for us.

Let’s say you need to crank out a work email to a client or colleague. It’s easy to rush through it and assume the other person will fill in the blanks. Effective communicators take the extra two minutes to make sure they’re descriptive and clearly understood.

If you think the person might not know the info…include it.


2. Collaborate

Springsteeen & Bon Jovi. Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder & Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters. Nirvana’s Dave Grohl & Paul McCartney. The 12-12-12 concert was an extraordinary collection of artists blending songs and styles.

In the workplace, everyone knows collaboration is a proven way to get things done. The challenge is often finding the best times to meet.

Ever been to Doodle?

Doodle is a simple program that allows you to coordinate meetings. It creates a poll that lets people choose from a range of options to find the best day/time. Doodle is way smarter than trying to plan everything over email.


3. Respect the Audience

The 12-12-12 concert lasted six hours, and Paul McCartney didn’t even come on stage until 12:40 am. It got to be so late that fans were leaving during McCartney’s performance. Even for the most historic concert ever, people have their limits.

We’ve all sat through a speech or work presentation and said to ourselves ‘this guy is going on forever.’ That’s why effective public speaking has three main parts:

1. plan to be brief from the start

2. always gauge your audience and make sure they’re still with you; if not, wrap it up

3. don’t be ‘that guy’ who goes on talking way past when he should; seriously, no one likes that guy


What was your favorite moment of the 12-12-12 concert? What was your favorite musical collaboration?

Share below!



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© 2012, Danny Rubin


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