While You Were Busy With Beyonce, the US Made History


On Wednesday, our beloved nation could not find the strength to break away from the Beyonce lip-sync saga.

All day, we kept wondering: did she or didn’t she? Maybe Beyonce was actually singing live, but we heard the recording? Maybe her earpiece did have noise coming through? Maybe the president knew all along?

Maybe? Yes? No?


Who knows…

Meanwhile, this happened:

Pentagon allows women to serve in combat positions

In a move that ‘stunned’ female veteran activists, The Washington Post reports that the Pentagon lifted a ban on female service members in combat roles.

From the Post:

‘The Army, by far the largest fighting force, currently excludes women from nearly 25 percent of active-duty roles. A senior defense official said the Pentagon expects to open “many positions” to women this year…’

It’s an historic moment for our military and one that we nearly missed thanks to the Beyonce brew-ha-ha.

Plus, there was this:

We avoided another debt ceiling crisis…for the moment

Also on Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a bill to postpone the nation’s debt limit until May. Now the bill needs Senate approval and the president’s signature (which he said he’s willing to do).

Is our debt nonsense solved? Not even close. Did we avert a potential economic catastrophe in February? Yes.

beyonce 2
While the nation was transfixed on Beyonce’s lip-syncing (or not) of our national anthem, the US military made a landmark decision to let women into combat roles.

OK, when is the Beyonce craziness over?

Not for a while. The pop star is scheduled to perform at halftime of the Super Bowl on February 3.

So forget about Ravens versus 49ers. The real action is going down between the second and third quarters.

The pop star couldn’t possibly lip-sync again.

Not a chance. Inside the climate-controlled Mercedez-Benz Superdome, Beyonce has a golden opportunity to make amends; no more excuses about prep time or cold weather.

Eh, I usually watch puppies play football during halftime

This year, you might want to stick around.

The past few weeks, Pepsi has collected photos from people around the world striking all kinds of poses. Submissions ended January 21 so it’s too late to send in your own. Pepsi will use the pictures ‘in a unique, on-air video introduction’ to welcome Beyonce to the stage.

After that, everyone in America will become a lip-sync detective. No way she fakes it a second time…right?

Who knows…

What’s your take? Did Beyonce lip-sync or not? Or do you not even care? 

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