Why You Need to Start Recording ‘CBS Sunday Morning’

cbs sunday morning by DANNY RUBIN


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If you like to watch TV on lazy Sunday mornings as you make breakfast and lounge around, keep reading because…

I have the perfect show for you.

‘CBS Sunday Morning’ is perhaps the greatest show you’ve never seen. The 90-minute news magazine, hosted by the dapper Charles Osgood, is a sophisticated yet easy-going review of top stories, arts and popular culture. It airs each Sunday morning at 9 am, and you should set your DVR to record it right now.

Hmm, I dunno. My DVR has limited space. Can I have a few reasons why?

No problem. Glad you asked.

The non-stop, 24/7 news cycle barely gives reporters (and viewers) time to breath. ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ feels like a giant exhale, as it grants us the opportunity to explore our world and the people who make it so colorful. Beyond that, ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ will arm you with unique facts and stories that will make you a hit at dinner parties.

cbs sunday morning
Charles Osgood, the eminently dressed host of ‘CBS Sunday Morning,’ is just one of many reasons why you should set your DVR to record the show. With Osgood, it feels like your grandpa is telling you stories.

With top-notch journalists and producers, ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ gives us fascinating profiles, unique commentaries and the necessary context to understand the day’s biggest headlines.

Here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

The real story behind the castle used for the filming of ‘Downton Abbey.’


The shows peers inside the rather ordinary life of billionaire Warren Buffett.


Moving on, ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ heads to Hawaii to show us why leis are so popular — and why they exist at all.


‘CBS Sunday Morning’ also features the incomparable Steve Hartman, a reporter who finds amazing human interest profiles around the countryHartman’s stories will put a lump in your throat every time.

Here’s a particularly moving one from this past December:

Brief life of Michigan boy inspires torrent of giving


At the end of each show, there’s a ‘Moment in Nature.’ No journalists talking, no music, no interviews. Just the sounds of the wild in their purest state.

On a groggy weekend when you’re slow to rise, there’s no better program than ‘CBS Sunday Morning.’ (Remember: record the show on your DVR).

You can also follow the show on Facebook/Twitter and get all the great stories in your social media feeds.

Bottom line: make ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ part of your routine. You’ll learn a lot and, when it’s over, you’ll turn off the TV with a smile on your face.

And isn’t that the best way to start a Sunday?

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