3 Reasons Why Girl Scout Cookies are Good for You (Honest)


Thin Mints. Samoas. Do-si-dos.

Yep, the Girl Scout cookie drive has returned and with it the snack that you can’t seem to avoid (like you really wanted to, anyway).

Who can say no to a sales pitch from an honest-to-goodness ten-year-old? And darn if those Tagalongs aren’t the most addicting food on the planet.

Sure, Girl Scout cookies are delicious, but it’s not about what the girls are selling. It’s how they’re selling it.

See all the Girl Scout cookies here.

If you look closely, Girl Scout cookies have all the ingredients to make you a smart, savvy employee.

Check out their web site for ‘The 5 Skills,’ important business lessons that Girl Scouts learn while selling cookies. Below are some highlights from the ‘The 5 Skills’ that we can apply to our own lives. Unlike Thin Mints, these tips have  zero calories (so go ahead and splurge).

1. Have a Goal, Work Towards It

Rest assured, Girl Scouts aren’t selling cookies at random. They each have a goal in mind and do their best to reach it. We’re only a month into 2013, and there’s still plenty of time to pick your own resolution.

Remember: your goal can be small and manageable. Rome wasn’t built in a day; a box of Tagalongs, however, always seem to disappear within the hour. (tweet this)

Tagalongs: The most addicting snack on the planet.
Tagalongs: they get ya every time.


2. Be Calm, Cool and Confident

The Girl Scouts don’t just close deals because they’re cute. They are taught to engage with customers in a way that both sells cookies and makes the other person feel valued.

From the Girl Scouts web site:

‘I can’t be shy. I have to speak up and look them in the eye when I’m talking. And I have to be able to explain why I’m doing what I’m doing.’

In business, what’s more important than solid people skills? Clients and cookie-lovers prefer to deal with those who are straightforward, make eye contact and say what they mean.


3. Always Keep Your Promises

Have you ever had an order of Girl Scout cookies fall through? Never happens.

If the girls promise a half-dozen boxes, you get a half-dozen boxes. End of story.

In the workplace, all you have is your reputation. If you say you’ll do something, then you gotta do it. Even if the task seems small and insignificant. Otherwise, people may not want to buy cookies from you much longer…metaphorically speaking.


Oh, I almost forgot the most important part!

For the nearest place to buy a box of cookies (or 10), download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder on iphone/iPad and Android.

Don’t forget: February 8 is National Girl Scout Cookie Day, a time to celebrate the world’s largest girl-led business.

As if I needed another reason to eat a box of Samoas…



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© 2013, Danny Rubin


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