7 of the Best Commercials from the Super Bowl — And What They Mean for You

commercials from the super bowl


The 2013 crop of Super Bowl commercials made us laugh, cry and for about 30 seconds feel completely awkward.

If we look beyond the punchlines, marketing ploys and incessant hashtag campaigns, there are all kinds of ways to use the Super Bowl ads to get better personally and professionally.

Here are seven of the best commercials from the Super Bowl and why they will matter in our lives this year.


Commercials from the Super Bowl


1. Ram Trucks — ‘God Made a Farmer’

The nostalgic, two-minute homage to American farm life, voiced by the late radio legend Paul Harvey (who’s that?), is a reminder to buy locally-produced food when possible and support farmers in our communities.

For ten reasons why it’s important to buy local — like how it’s more nutritious and uses less packaging — check this out.


2. Oreo — ‘Quiet Chaos’

Public libraries and loud noises: some jokes just never get old. Did you also know that more and more libraries offer ebooks? In late January, major publisher Macmillan even launched a two-year ebook pilot program with many libraries. Penguin and Random House already have similar programs. Check with your local library and see what’s available.


3. BlackBerry — ‘What BlackBerry CAN’T Do’

During the Super Bowl, BlackBerry flexed its mobile muscle with the new Z10 smartphone. The company, whose stock is struggling, also just released BlackBerry 10, its new operation system. So far, reviews are mixed. Are you ready to give BlackBerry another chance?


4. CBS New Show — ‘The Job’

‘The Job’ is a new reality series in which people compete for a good-old fashioned 9-to-5. ‘The Job‘ premieres February 8 (this Friday) at 8 pm. The show will (hopefully) offer valuable insight into resumes, interviews and getting hired. Set your DVR now.


5. Budweiser Black Crown — ‘Coronation’

That’s right. There’s a new beer from Bud. Curious to try it? Visit Save on Brew, type in your zip code, find the beer and surprise everyone at the next party.


6. Prudential — ‘Stickers’

Prudential asks a good question in this Super Bowl spot: how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy retirement?

Retirement planning isn’t just for our parents and grandparents; we need to think long-term too.

Want some help? Check out: Five Steps Young People Should Take to Prepare for Retirement.


7. Jeep — ‘Whole Again’

Jeep’s deeply emotional tribute to our troops gave all of America goose bumps (the good kind). Want an easy way to support and men and women in uniform? You can turn your old cell phone into calling cards for members of the military and their families.

Wanna know how? Read this.


What are your favorite commercials from the Super Bowl? Did you think the GoDaddy kissing ad was funny or over-the-line?

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