6 Ways to be More Productive in 2013 (Since We Lost a Step in 2012)


I don’t know about you, but I worked pretty hard last year. Somehow, it wasn’t enough.

The Labor Department reported on Thursday that productivity in the US fell by 2% in final three months of 2012. At the same time, a new study this week found that 39% of young people (ages 18-33) experienced more stress in the past year.

Let me get this straight: we pushed ourselves to the brink in 2012 and became too stressed because of it…and the economy still took a hit?

In 2013, let’s fix all that. Here are eight ways to be more productive this year – while still working hard.

1. Get your wedding season under control

Have too many engagement dinners, bachelor/bachelorette parties and weddings in 2013? Keep track of all the dates and gifts with this handy checklist in the form of an Excel document. There are sections for upcoming weddings, gifts, hotel/travel and bachelor/bachelorette parties.

2. Stay calm even when the workplace isn’t

If work becomes too stressful, here are several ways to keep your blood pressure and sanity in check. Among them: rest your eyes and don’t eat at your desk.

easy new year's resolution
Stressed by your upcoming wedding season? Stay on track with a handy wedding checklist!

3. Make the most of the first 30 minutes of your day

Want to be super productive everyday? Take advantage of the early morning. Read this checklist for maximizing the first half-hour of your workday.

4. Keep your car safely on the road

Does your car need new tires? There’s an easy test to find out, and all you need is a penny. Plus, advice on where to buy new, affordable tires.

be more productive
Don’t wait for your car tires to wear down completely. All you need is a penny to see if you need new ones. Check now and save yourself a lot of stress later.

5. Follow the gun control debate with one click

The Newtown massacre has created an ongoing conversation in America about gun reform. As Congress, Obama, the NRA and all the rest discuss the future of firearms, you can monitor the latest news whenever you want. NTLB created a custom Google News page to track gun control from all angles.

6. Put Facebook ‘Graph Search’ to work for you

With just a few modifications to your Facebook profile, Graph Search can open you up to job opportunities. Employers may start to use the new search tool to find applicants so follow these steps to optimize your account.


How many weddings are on your calendar in 2013?

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