What Tonight’s State of the Union Address Means for You


The State of Our Union is…

Strong? Weak? Encouraging? Unsettling?

…All of the above?

On Tuesday night, President Obama will finish that phrase in his State of the Union address, but he’s not the only one who gets to weigh in.

MSNBC is conducting an online campaign right now to see how Americans of all stripes answer that question.

What is the State of Our Union? 

To join the conversation, take a photo with your response and share it on Facebook/Twitter with the hashtag #SOTUis.

Here are some examples from MSNBC personalities to get you thinking.

State of the Union — What You Need to Know

When: Tuesday, February 12 at 9 pm ET

Where: Pretty much every channel on TV

What: Most pundits expect the president to focus on the economy and the growth of the middle class.

The Atlantic reports that the media went wild with the president’s more liberal positions in his inaugural address, even though the White House claims the president spent more time talking about the economy and jobs. This time around, the speech will be far less ideological than the one in January:

ABC News says the president will use the SOTU to urge Congress to avoid automatic spending cuts, otherwise known as a ‘sequester.’ If the cuts go into effect, they will impact government services across the board.

It seems like Congress always has a new deadline that it’s racing to avoid. This time, it’s March 1. That’s less than three weeks away so crank up the doomsday clock one more time.

When did Congress become a never-ending episode of ’24′?

To kickstart the #SOTUis campaign, here’s my response.

The State of Our Union is…

 sotu pic


What’s yours?  Just put your response in the comment field. No need to add a photo.

The State of Our Union is…’

Share below!


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