The Most Trusted Company in America is…


The nation has voted, and the results are in.

The most trusted company in America is…


The findings are part of the 2013 Harris Poll Reputation Quotient, a survey of ‘most visible’ US companies and how consumers feel about them. Harris Interactive, a research firm, released the poll on Tuesday.

Amazon knocked Apple from the top spot (the tech company took 1st last year) and fended off giants like Disney and Google.

Here are the top ten most trusted companies in America, as decided by a survey of 14,000 people:

1. Amazon

2. Apple

3. Disney

4. Google

5. Johnson & Johnson

6. Coca-Cola

7. Whole Foods

8. Sony

9. Proctor & Gamble

10. Costco

Why is Amazon the most trusted company in America?

Among the attributes, people admire Amazon as a business, trust the company to deliver packages on-time and view it as a good place to work.

most trusted company in america
According to a new poll, Amazon is the most trusted company in America. Below are several ways we can boost our own reputations on the job.

A great reputation is incredibly valuable and can take you to the next level professionally.

Here are four tips to help get you there.

1. On Time, Every Time

Once we make a purchase on Amazon, we know the product will arrive at our door with all due speed. Sometimes, we almost wish Amazon wasn’t so good at shipping products; maybe then we wouldn’t be tempted to buy stuff (tweet this).

Reputation at work always comes down to dependability. If a boss can rely on you day in/day out, you will gain more responsibility, clout and maybe a little cash come bonus season.


2. Figure It Out has great advice for young professionals or anyone starting at a new company. Don’t bug a boss all day with questions. Instead, do this:

‘…work independently of [your] supervisors by reaching out to other key people related to [your] jobs and get to know them. Your supervisor will appreciate the fact that you’ve figured out how things work and that you’ve begun to build relationships throughout the company.’


3. Jack of All Trades

Amazon is America’s most trusted company because it can handle pretty much any request. Think about it: how often does Amazon not carry something you need?

Employees with strong reputations operate the same way. If co-workers know you can do a lot of different things (and do them well), you become a go-to person. Couple that with the ability to deliver ‘on time, every time,’ and that’s a winning combination.


4. Constant Contact

Clients always want to be in the loop, and they have every right. They’re paying you, after all. A fourth way to gain a great reputation is to be responsive and keep clients updated on the status of a project.

Every time you make a purchase on Amazon, what happens within the next five seconds?

You get an email confirmation about your order. It might seem trivial, but being vigilant with client communication goes a long way.


How many times a month do you order from Amazon? 5? 10? Why do you use the company time after time? 

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