Finally, a Company That Lets Employees Take a Nap at Work


Take a nap in the middle of the workday? Keep dreaming.

For most of us, an afternoon snooze is pure fantasy, but at one investment firm in New Jersey, nap time happens every day. The best part? The boss encourages it.

USA Today reports that National Planning Associates in Asbury Park allows employees to sign up for 20-minute blocks of ‘restorative time’ twice a week. The company outfitted a closet with a recliner, fountain and bamboo rug.

A private room designed for people to take a napI’m getting sleepy just thinking about it…

The company hopes that afternoon naps will combat worker fatigue and increase productivity. Employee say it helps, and some have even stopped drinking coffee for the energy boost.

Oh, if only the 20-minute nap concept would spread to every office in America. Think your boss would go for it?

Yea, probably not.

What else can we do to stay awake and alert? Below are some good tips from around the Web.

1. Drink More Water (Yahoo!)

‘When you don’t drink enough water you can become dehydrated, which can make you tired. By drinking at least six 8-ounce glasses of water each day, you’ll not only improve your health, but will also increase your energy in the afternoons.’

2. Eat Yogurts, Walnuts and Dark Chocolate (MSN)

MSN lists several that give you a (healthy) energy boost. The author writes: ‘Belgian researchers found that patients with CFS had low levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and those with the most severe fatigue symptoms exhibited the greatest deficiencies.’

While this video is funny, there’s no way Red Bull is the best long-term solution to afternoon fatigue.

3. Keep Your Mind Alert (Livestrong)

‘Try mind-testing exercises such as writing your name backward or with the opposite hand than you usually use. Tackle a flight or two of steps or do a few stretching exercises.’

4. Aromatherapy (Buzzle)

‘Certain smells, such as those of the essential oils like rosemary and lavender, help in energizing the person. So keep such aromatherapy oils handy, and smell them from time to time to stay active. ‘

And lastly, a weird one…

5. Tug Your Ears (Sweet Life Erika)

‘I wouldn’t call this the long lasting method but if you need a quick perk before heading into a meeting or reading through a report, do it. Somehow, tugging on your ears opens up the passage ways to your eyes. It feels like you are expanding your head for a quick second. I don’t know, it just works!’

How do you fight afternoon fatigue? What works for you? 

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