Leadership in 200 Words: The Next Pope and How to Inspire Others

how to inspire others


Inside the hallowed walls of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, 115 cardinals are now selecting the next pope, the religious leader for more than a billion Catholics worldwide.

From the Philippines to Ghana to Brazil, the clerics have descended on Rome in search of one thing:

A pope who can inspire.

After the reserved Pope Benedict XVI announced his retirement in February, the Catholic world cried out for someone exciting and uplifting.

Many Catholics want a leader who can breathe new life into the papacy, but they’re not alone.

Anyone who is part of a group (or team or company) craves inspiring leadership. Like the Sistine Chapel crowded with cardinals, that person can emerge from anywhere in the room.

How do you become someone whom others want to follow?

1. Enthusiasm for the job

2. Lead by example

3. Lay out a vision

4. Work diligently to fulfill that vision

When the white smoke appears, the cardinals will have chosen a person who can meet and hopefully exceed those qualifications.

In your career, there is no papal conclave, no secretive room of voters.

It’s just you, the job and the hours in the day.

How will you spend them?


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