No, Usain Bolt. You Can’t Call Yourself a ‘Legend’

Usain Bolt, once again the world’s fastest human, never lets you forget his greatness.

Gabby Douglas, the newly crowned queen of gymnastics, prefers the modest route.

Both are superhuman athletes, but only one knows how to use the spotlight properly.

Today’s ‘News To Live By’: letting others do the talking for you.

There’s no doubt Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive. Just like in Beijing in 2008, Bolt raced past a star-studded field in the 100-meter final on Sunday and rightfully sealed his place in history as a ‘legend.’

The problem is, the word ‘legend’ didn’t come from the mouth of Bob Costas or another Olympic broadcaster. No, it came from Bolt himself.

Now take Gabby Douglas. The champion gymnast has also faced countless microphones since winning gold in all-around and team competitions. She could have told the world she’s the greatest thing her sport has ever known.

But she didn’t.

‘I give all the glory to God,’ she said. ‘It’s kind of a win-win situation. The glory goes up to him and the blessings fall down on me.”

Douglas basically took no credit at all and actually deflected the praise. Bolt, meanwhile, bragged at every opportunity.

When we claim victory at work — maybe after delivering a killer presentation — we tend to go the Douglas route.

Why? Because it’s so much better when other people tout our success for us.

Right now, all kinds of companies are lining up to endorse Douglas and tell her story.

Juggernauts like Kellogg’s and Proctor & Gamble could very well call Douglas a ‘legend’ for her achievements in London, and that’s just fine. When Kellogg’s does it, we beam with pride. If Douglas did it, we would be disappointed.

Same thing at your job. There’s nothing better than having your boss tell clients or other co-workers about your terrific presentation. But no one wants to hear you say how great you were.

Bolt is perhaps the best athlete in the world, and for that we are impressed.

Douglas knows how to win, stay humble and let others do the talking.

For that, she has our respect.

Which would you prefer?


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