13 Best April Fools Pranks for Your Office


Hurry! It’s not too late for some awesome April Fools pranks in the office. Try these on a co-worker or, if you’re feeling bold, your boss.

Here are the best ideas from around the Web. Get crackin’!

1. You got Biebered!

april fools pranks

2. Balloons everywhere

april fools pranks

3. Foiled!

april fools pranks


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4. Packing peanuts

 april fools pranks

5. Post-It Notes (always a classic)

 april fools pranks

More cubicle pranks from Huffington Post:

6. Blue Screen of Death

‘This is perhaps more effective with older colleagues who are likely to have experienced the pain of the “Blue Screen of Death.” For this prank, it’s just a matter of finding an appropriate screen grab and either leaving it on your co-worker’s display, or setting it as the screen saver for a nasty surprise.’

april fools pranks
The worst thing that could ever happen to your computer.


7. Fun with mice

‘Anyone leaving their mouse unattended around April 1 deserves punishment. While the classic trick was to remove the mouse’s tracker ball, nowadays you can achieve the same effect by putting some tape over the mouse’s laser tracker. Alternatively, and if you can find time with an unattended computer, change the mouse’s settings for maximum confusion.’

april fools pranks

More clever office jokes from Mashable:


8. Voice activated printer

april fools pranks

april fools pranks

9. Airhorn under the chair

april fools pranks

More great pranks from UPROXX:

If you feel brazen enough, maybe attempt one of these classic Jim vs Dwight pranks from The Office.

10. Megadesk


11. Office supplies in jello


12. Dwight’s gift-wrapped desk


13. Dwight receives a fax from himself

What’s your favorite office prank (or Jim vs Dwight moment)?

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