News To Live By is Now Part of the Parade Magazine Blogging Network

parade magazine blogging network
News To Live By has joined the Parade Magazine blogging network.


I’m excited to announce that News To Live By is now part of the Parade Magazine blogging network. With a circulation of 33 million and a readership of 63 million, Parade is the most-read magazine in America.

You’ve probably seen Parade as an insert in your local newspaper. It appears in 600 papers nationwide, including the Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post.

I will now contribute to the Parade Magazine blogging network a few times a month, and my work will appear on the Parade Web site.

You can also find News To Live By regularly on The Huffington Post, Shelly Palmer and Brazen Life.

My first piece for Parade is in response to an emotional letter written by a high school senior about college admissions. Maybe you caught her appearance on the ‘Today’ show.

Parade – College Prep: Why It’s OK to Get Rejected

Thanks to everyone for all the support so far!

- Danny

Creator and Managing Editor, News To Live By


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