You Just Got Laid Off by Google. Are You Ready for What’s Next?

On Monday, Google announced plans to lay off 4,000 people from Motorola Mobility, a company the Web giant purchased in May for a cool $12.5 billion.

Maybe those 4,000 people saw it coming. Maybe they didn’t.

Either way, everyone at Motorola Mobility should have been prepping for the pink slip.

Today’s ‘News To Live By’: how to avoid the mad scramble.

Google is the picture of American business strength. So to hear it is cutting 4,000 people — the largest layoff in company history — sends a stern message.

Any of us, at any time, can lose our jobs.

I certainly hope that day never arrives for you, but in case it does, there are some basic steps you can take now to spare yourself a boatload of stress later.

- Revise your resume: It’s so easy to forget about your resume when you’re comfortably in a long-term job. Dust off the cobwebs, and bring your qualifications/skills up-to-date. The second you need a job, the only Word doc you’ll care about is your CV. Tidy it up now so it’s ready to roll.

- That means LinkedIn too: I know. You made a LinkedIn profile like everyone else years ago and barely use it. But again, if you’re in a bind, LinkedIn is crucial. So refresh your online resume too. One less thing to worry about when you’re hustling for new work.

- Join online industry/alumni groups: Seek out people in your field way before you need them for a reference or job connection. Occasionally, go to in-person events or networking sessions. That way, you build out a solid group of people you can leverage for new opportunities.

- Have a plan in mind: It sounds vague but always keep your next move close at hand. The worst is being caught flat-footed and without a strategy for moving forward. Young professionals are good at this game. We are a nomadic generation that can move deftly from job to job.

But even the most adept Millennial can fall into a false sense of security at a great company.

A sweet job at Motorola, which is now owned by powerhouse Google?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Simple: not being ready when you’re handed a pink slip.



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