7 Sharing Concepts Like Zipcar That Millennials Will Love


“Hey, man. Need your car this weekend?”

Across America, millions of Millennials are probably asking that very question to a friend with access to a vehicle. That’s because, according to a story from NPR, our generation would rather borrow than own, especially with big-ticket items like Fords and Chevys.

If we can’t bum a buddy’s ride, then we have all kinds of sharing options. Companies lie Zipcar, Hertz on Demand, Lyft and Getaround let us rent a car by the hour.

As we grow older, here are seven more ways we can spread the sharing philosophy.

1. Stroll

Stroll will be a network of strollers placed strategically around town (ex: parks, museums and malls) so you can plop your baby in a buggy, go for a family walk and then leave the stroller behind when you head home. It’s similar to the bike share model in cities like DC and NY, and it looks like the rental concept is already in operation around Disney World.

2. BladeRunner

With the BladeRunner service, you can rent a lawnmower by the hour, cut the grass and bring it back. You will probably only mow the yard 3-4 times a month so just pay for the minutes you need. Plus, the company can make sure the blade is always sharp and the mower properly serviced.

3. Mix-Ups

Everyone wants a KitchenAid mixer on their wedding registry. But once you have the device, how often do you use it? Don’t make your friends cobble together $300 to buy a pricey mixer. You can rent the kitchen appliance as needed and return it to a service called Mix-Ups once the cake is baked. You’ll save a lot of counter space too.

4. PowerTrip

Power tools, while gallant and masculine, are really expensive. Unless you spend every weekend in the shed constructing a grandfather clock, your sanders, drills and bits often sit idle. Why not pool neighborhood devices through a program called PowerTrip and rent from each other? It’ll be like a mini Home Depot on our block.

millennials stroller
Why buy a stroller and lug it to the park when you can borrow one for an hour and leave it there? Just one of many sharing concepts Millennials are guaranteed to love.

5. Burner

A grill is a man’s best friend, but what if you don’t fire one up all the time? You can use the Burner app to locate a Weber or Coleman at a neighbor’s house nearby, wheel it over and get cookin’.

6. GameSwap

Why buy your kids every single new video game? Instead, you can browse the GameSwap app and see the games your neighbors purchased for their children. Then let the swapping begin. You know that, eventually, your kid will get tired of the $60 shoot-em-up you bought him for Christmas. But the other shoot-em-up at the house up the street? He’ll fall in love all over again.

7. SoccerBus

Our generation grew up riding in Aerostars, but we’re much too cool to drive vans as adults. Still, what about the times when the kids pile in for soccer or ballet practice? Then we need three rows of seats and plenty of space. SoccerBus will rent ‘mom vans‘ by the hour to haul around the kiddos and their friends.

Do you own a car? Think you’ll need to eventually?

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