19 Topics Where Gen Y is the Absolute Expert (and the One We’re Not)


By Danny Rubin

A year and a half.

That’s all it took to make Seth Adam Smith an expert on marriage.

The Millennial blogger’s column “Marriage Isn’t for You” went viral on The Huffington Post and sparked a huge conversation on the reasons we tie the knot.

Smith’s argument after only 18 months with his wife: “You don’t marry to make yourself happy, you marry to make someone else happy.”

If Smith had been married 45 years and reflected on a lifetime with his spouse, I’d probably hang on every word. Since he’s a newlywed, I have trouble buying his argument 100%. That’s because Millennials simply aren’t qualified to tell everyone the deep and abiding truths of monogamy. Many of us are just now getting hitched, and perspective comes with time — lots of time.

There are only 19 things Gen Y is certified to discuss as experts. Thanks to my sister, Molly, for helping to put this list together. It takes a village to define our generation.

1. “Saved By The Bell”

When you watch the same show before and after school for like 10 years…yea…you get pretty good at it.

2. Warby Parker glasses

We own the look.

3. Student debt

Sadly, we’re experts in crushing tuition payments that never, ever go away.

millennial experts
Don’t smile. Student debt is nothing to be happy about. Photo by Dennis Heller (Flickr)

4. Watch every TV show we want without cable

“Heeeey, brotherrrr.”

5. Find work/life balance

Workday ends. Life begins. Rinse. Repeat.



6. “Hocus Pocus”

After 37 BuzzFeed lists about the movie, we call the shots.

7. Startups

Fighting and clawing to build the next big thing.

dave thomas

8. CrossFit/Mud Races/Paleo Diet

Let’s do 250 burpees, crawl 1/2 mile through slush and then eat four almonds!

9. On the complete flipside from being healthy: Cronuts

Gen Y’s favorite dessert…until the next trend comes along.

10. Office collaboration

Anything we need a Gchat away.


11. Get by just fine without a landline

We’ve cut the cord, and we’re not going back.



12. Music festivals

Even when we don’t have a clue who’s on stage.

13. Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Google+

/whatever social media platform comes next. We’re already mastering it.

14. Have an advanced degree and no job

Thought Catalog: 22 Things No One Tells You About Grad School

grad school

15. Multitask like a champ

Five things at once. Why didn’t you ask sooner?

16. Hold entire conversations in pop-culture references

“Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.”


17. Network by any means necessary

Find me a Gen Xer or Baby Boomer who’s used a Twitter DM to get a job.

18. Reddit

Where the real experts lurk.

millennial experts

19. Make our twenties look gooooood.

Good and awkward.


How else are Millennials the experts?

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