What Boehner was (Probably) Thinking During Every Awkward Face at SOTU

By Danny Rubin

During the annual State of the Union speech, all eyes should be on the commander in chief. Yet during President Obama’s SOTU address on January 28, Americans couldn’t stop looking at the man behind the president.

Nope. Not Vice President Joe Biden, despite his goofy grins. It was the guy on the right.

Throughout Obama’s big speech, House Speaker John Boehner went from bored to disappointed to downright mad (full text of the speech here).

Did you miss the SOTU? Catch up with this article from The Washington Post: 5 takeaways from President Obama’s State of the Union address.

So The Huffington Post went ahead and made a compilation of Boehner’s best faces. Watch it here.

Then a person commented on that video:

huff po comment

The lesson: you should always remember how you look to the rest of the room — especially if you’re in front of a crowd. So make that 25 things all young professionals need to realize about the real world.

Otherwise, a blogger will go frame by frame and imagine what Boehner is thinking during every uncomfortable pose. Like this…


Obama: “…our success should depend not on accident of birth, but the strength of our work ethic and the scope of our dreams…It’s how the daughter of a factory worker is CEO of America’s largest automaker; how the son of a barkeeper is Speaker of the House..”

Boehner: Nice try with the compliment. Here’s the deal: we’re not friends. Not gonna happen. But since I have millions watching me right now…how about a thumbs up and half smile?

Biden: Just flash the pearly whites, Joe. Give the people what they want. Atta boy.



Boehner: You say you’re “in the process of fixing health care”? That’s rich, Mr. President. Really bang-up job with healthcare.gov. I didn’t expect this speech would have “glitches” too. Bravo!



Boehner: Wait…did I turn off the stove? Man, I hate when I can’t remember that. When is this guy gonna wrap it up so I can get out of here?



Boehner: Remember, John. Look pleasant. Appear congenial. Must…crack…a…smi…nope. Can’t.



Boehner: Hey, Obama. I got your pre-existing condition right HERE.



Boehner: **cough** your approval rating at 43 percent **cough** health care rollout a disaster **cough** lame duck second term **cough**



Boehner: You know what would be great? If I could stop getting out of my seat for every applause line. Oh, and can someone bring me a Philly cheese steak? I’m STARVING.



Boehner: Keep looking off to the left, keep looking off to the left. Don’t catch the eye of you-know-who sitting next to me. So, so awkward.



Biden: Heyooo. Check me out, America! Joe B invading your living room! VP…what a great gig. Amiright?


Do you notice other peoples’ body language in a meeting? What bugs you the most?

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