Heavy Vetting: Are You Readying for the Job Like a VP Candidate?

Mitt Romney’s quest for an ideal running mate is reaching a fever pitch this week. On Tuesday, his campaign announced top aides for the VP pick, and many think Romney will go public with his choice for #2 this week.

The prime contenders: former Gov. Tim Pawlenty (MN), Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA), Sen. Rob Portman (OH) and Sen. Kelly Ayotte (NH).

The Romney camp is poring over everyone’s background to make sure they don’t have secrets that could derail the campaign this fall.

The gain: Think about your own job search. Before a company brings you on board, it will do a vetting process of its own. Are all your bases covered? Facebook photos cleaned up? Resume perfected? References up to date?

What about when an employer says ‘do you have any questions for me?’ Do you have questions prepared for the interview? Background research completed on the company and the boss?

Every time we interview for a job, we are being vetted.

Just like Portman, Jindal and the rest, make sure you are ready to go under the microscope.


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