The Toughest Career Question You Could Ever Imagine

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By Danny Rubin

Will Fire TV replace Roku, Apple TV and Xbox One? Will people like the voice-activated controls? Which games can we play through it?

On April 2, Amazon launched a set-top device for $99 called Amazon Fire TV. Mashable reports the device is a small box with a remote that can handle TV and gaming.

Right away, the tech world began a manic Q and A with Amazon.

How does it work? What’s so special about it? And…can I have a free one?

As PCMag, Wired and all rest play with Fire (watch a hands-on demonstration), News To Live By remains focused on our careers. That’s why I want to open the floor and hear from all of you.

What are you struggling with at your job or as you look for a job? Whether it’s about leadership, public speaking, writing no-nos, networking musts or something else altogether, go ahead and ask away.

Note: It can be an anonymous question.

If I can’t answer the question, I will do my best to find an expert who can. And, when possible, I will deliver your answer in a short video to give you a break from all the reading :)

So…whaddya got?

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Here’s an NTLB career tip to get us started.

Question: What should I do with this pile of random business cards on my desk?

Answer: Watch the video below!


Feature photo: Aimee Custis (Flickr)


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