The Official Creed for Anyone Who Starts a New Job

first day on the job
I will fit in.

By Danny Rubin

Spring has sprung and with it comes new beginnings.

Major League Baseball is back, the Lannisters et al battle each other once more on “Game of Thrones” (spoiler alert) and the housing market wakes (slowly) from a winter slumber.

Feels like everyone and everything starts fresh. This spring — or any season, really — if you find yourself at a new job or internship and face an unfamiliar office environment, rely on the mantra below to survive those first awkward weeks.

The “First Day of Work” Creed

At my new job/internship

I will arrive earlier than directed.

I will dress better than I should.

I will listen more than I talk.

I will never look bored.

I will be ready for whatever the day brings.

I will prove I belong because of my work ethic.

I will ask my co-workers as many questions about themselves as they can handle.

I will bring my lunch because who knows what happens at lunch, and I don’t want to miss a meal.

I will say “Can I help you with anything?” a lot.

I will weigh in with my expertise, when appropriate.

I will sit quietly and observe, when appropriate.

I will be, above all else, helpful.

I will not complain. About anything.

I will do my best to not disrupt the flow of the office.

I will say “Yep, can do” to nearly everything I’m asked.

I will make sure I smile…even in boring training sessions.

I will ask “Do you mind if I come along?” a lot.

I will stay at least as late as everyone else.

I will come back the next day ready to do it all again.

What’s the toughest part of a new job?

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Featured photo: Gracie Cavnar (Flickr)


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